Keeping the Story in Video.


The phrase says it all.

If your video isn't telling a story, it's not worth the bandwidth it's floating on.

We've been telling stories for 40 years... Big stories, little stories, people stories, corporate stories, emotional stories, motivational stories, kick-butt stories.

For audiences large and small, on the air and in the ballroom.

It all Starts
with the Story.

A person. A problem. A cause.

Telling that story in a compelling, emotional, logical and visual way is the job of the video storyteller. That's what we do. On the web, direct to the customer, in meetings, on TV.
Our view of creative media has ALWAYS been a bit different. To meet your needs, we have always been concerned with the message first.

That's why we are followers of the holistic trio of word, picture, sound. Together, they move audiences. No matter where your audience is, and no matter what its size or makeup.

For forty years, we've trained, sold, motivated, and turned heads and minds.

The one difference is that today's tools allow us to do more for less. We can create your multimedia home on the web, deliver your messaging myriad ways, track the results, and adjust on the fly. To sell, raise funds or awareness, recruit, and motivate.

We build traffic, traction, and trust.

We take the time do do what you can't do (because you're working, after all): broadcast your personality, your premise, your products, and position you for success.

That's more than video, and more than the web. It's video storytelling, from VideoStory.
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